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Scar Therapy: Keloids And How To Treat Them

Hands-on the keloid scar area of an Asian dark-skinned man.

Scars, while not necessarily desirable, are a natural expression of the human body’s healing process. As a matter of fact, it is kind of incredible how our bodies are self-healing machines. While severe damage may require a bit more extensive treatment, many surface-level cuts, burns, and even scrapes can heal back to normal if properly… Read more »

What Is Scar Tissue And How Is It Treated?

Close up of female shoulder with a scar

Our bodies are incredible. They are designed to withstand great conditions, forces, and a variety of unique circumstances. For example, they can house a child, lift heavy objects, and even repair themselves in the event of an accident or injury. As such, it is only fair that we give our bodies a rest sometimes and… Read more »

Scar Therapy 101: Tips And Tricks After Surgery


In last week’s blog, we took a look at a few summer specials that we are offering our current and new clients. Indeed, the summer season is coming to a close, and we encourage patients to come in for some much-needed rest and relaxation before gearing up for the hustle and bustle of the fall…. Read more »