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Acquiring Spa Therapy Skills At TNS Academy

Massage therapy group training class

Have you ever wondered what is required to become a licensed esthetician? There is no denying that massage therapy and spa therapy require a particular set of skills to provide, and where you learn these tactics matters greatly in terms of the quality and safety of treatments. Indeed, the art of spa therapy works hand-in-hand… Read more »

Touch-N-Skin Welcomes You To TNS Academy!

Massage therapy group training class

Body wellness and body positivity are components of our mission that we strive to uphold. They are also key points that we want to share with others, as everyone deserves to look and feel comfortable in their own skin. Indeed, we offer a host of post-op packages that can be tailored to your needs so… Read more »

Payment Plans For Classes And Packages

young beautiful and exotic Asian Balinese woman lying on studio mat receiving traditional Thai massage by masseur at tropical wellness spa garden in health care and body care concept

Body wellness and taking care of yourself is an integral part of caring for your body overall. In fact, health is not a linear topic that is only influenced by what you eat. It accounts for when you provide your body nourishment, what physical activity you are engaging in, and of course, the level of… Read more »

Learn About Massage Therapy Through Classes

Students practice effleurage rubbing techniques in the classroom, hands of a pupil are seen on the back of a volunteer during exam preparation

It goes without saying that most people can benefit from a trip to the spa. Indeed, from the consistent hustle and bustle of everyday life to the ever-growing list of stressors, a relaxing trip to our spa can have you feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized in no time. Everyone must take strides to care for… Read more »