Release Your Tension With A Massage

Man Massage Touch N Skin Dallas TXHave you been looking for a positive way to relieve your stress? Sometimes, the grind of life can leave you anxious and tense. Allow yourself to unwind with a positive massage from a member of our team, so you can feel ready to face whatever life throws at you. Everyone needs a break from the constant stress of 21st century existence, and we are proud to offer you a helpful solution.

At Touch-N-Skin in downtown Dallas, TX, we can give you a massage experience that can benefit you immediately, while caring for your ongoing personal wellness. We offer all of our services as travel options as well, so we can even come to your office! Daily wear on your body can cause stiffness and tight joints; our massages help you to relieve some of this tension. Set aside some time to care for yourself with treatment in the heart of Dallas from out talented staff. (more…)

Healing Care After Your Operation

Spa Treatment Touch N Skin Dallas TXAfter a surgical procedure, the body requires some time for recovery and healing; this process can sometimes be a long road until you begin to feel like yourself again. Relieve your stiffness and swelling with an appointment with Touch-N-Skin in downtown Dallas, TX, and discover the distinct advantages of post-op lymphatic massages. This process aims to improve your blood circulation, as well as the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout your body. This process can speed up your recovery by allowing your natural systems to do their job more effectively.

All of our treatments are available at our downtown Dallas location, as well as in a travel service, so there is an option that suits your needs. Speak with a member of our team and uncover a world of post-op benefits of lymphatic massages, and see if this service best matches your recovery goals. We are here to help you to look and feel better after your surgery! (more…)

Bringing Our Treatments To You

Aromatherapy Dallas TXIf you are a fan of our services and are looking for a way to bring them to your friends and family, our travel options are a way to experience spa-level care, wherever you are. All of our treatments are available to come to you, allowing you to craft a pleasant experience for yourself or a group. There are multiple avenues for your care, so feel free to speak with a member of our team at Touch-N-Skin in Downtown Dallas, TX to find an option that best suits your needs.

Beyond care for yourself, this can be a positive way to benefit your friends and family. Reach out to us and we can help you craft a regimen that can benefit your entire party, depending on your unique situation. Our services can make a fun addition to a bachelorette party weekend, or as a way to say thank you to the people you love in a significant moment. Help lighten the tone at the office by giving your employees a relaxing experience. After all, they work hard for you, so show them how much they mean to you! (more…)

Preparing For The Warmer Months

Microneedling Dallas TXAs the weather starts to change, you might be looking for ways to improve your appearance. When things start to heat up here in Texas, it becomes time for many to reinvest their time into the maintenance of their body hair. After months of growth, the assistance of a professional can help you to start the spring off right. Discuss all of your options in waxing at your appointment with our understanding staff.

Another popular process for the spring here at Touch-N-Skin in Downtown Dallas, TX is microneedling. This is a minimally invasive procedure that spurs your collagen production. For the tightening and smoothing of your skin, microneedling is a wonderful approach to rejuvenation. Speak with our team about the possibilities associated with this treatment, which utilizes tiny sterile needles to improve the smoothness of your skin. From scars to wrinkles, discuss your needs with our staff! (more…)

A Rewarding Experience For Couples

Spa BG TNS Dallas TXEven though Valentine’s Day has passed us by, it is always a wonderful time of the year to share an experience with your partner. Pamper yourself as a couple with treatment for both of you as the weather starts to warm up. At Touch-N-Skin in Downtown Dallas, TX, we offer full services for both you and your partner.

From massages to facials, take some time so that you feel better as a family unit, and turn heads with your beautiful skin. Massages are a popular form of relaxation for couples, and for a reason. Bring your partner close with a deep tranquility designed to suit your specific needs. Couples facials are also a wonderful way to look your best as you and your loved one step into the public! (more…)

Tighten And Smooth Skin With Circulation

Cup Dallas TXAs a people, we associate tighter skin with youth and vitality. As you age, you may notice a little more sagging or wrinkling in certain areas. Contouring aims to firm and tone your tissue, primarily through an increase in your circulation. This term encompasses a wide variety of treatments, so it is important to speak with someone and discuss all of your concerns. A listening ear can more accurately direct you to appropriate care for your specific needs.

At Touch-N-Skin in Downtown Dallas, TX, we offer a range of technologically advanced techniques alongside traditional methods of improving your circulation. Cupping therapy and massage assist with the drainage of your excess lymphatic fluid.  Steam technology is another method of skin rejuvenation available, as is vacuum therapy for butt lifts and abdominal tightening. Speak with us about all of your options so that we can help you to look your best. Uncover a new sense of body pride with the improvement of your circulation! (more…)

Facials Can Help You Flourish In Winter

Facials Dallas TXWinter can be a stressful time for your skin. Here in North Texas, the weather can shift rapidly, leaving you with no continuing concept of how to best prepare yourself for the conditions. Finding the right regimen for your face can be especially tricky. As we know, switching products too rapidly can cause dry skin, acne, or even a combination of the two. Speak with Touch -N- Skin in Downtown Dallas, TX about all the ways that we can help you try to remain steady when the weather around you is ever-changing.

The cold dry wind that we experience through the winter can be particularly harmful to your youthful appearance. A peel or dermaplaning could help by removing excess dead skin from the surface of your face. This process can help you to avoid dryness and further wrinkles. Rejuvenate your skin with luxurious facials. We proudly offer solutions for all tones in order to keep your individual skin type clear and vibrant. A facial could help you remove old skin cells while moisturizing the beautiful new you underneath. (more…)

Reviewing Your Options For Massage

What can time on the massage table do for you? For some, this is a rewarding, relaxing experience, but a massage can be more than just a way to unwind. Different types of care are available to you. Beyond giving you a chance to feel the stress be gently worked from your body, your experience can help you relieve work stress, lessen the effects of injury, and improve mobility. It can also be a rewarding way to spend time with a romantic partner. We provide a wonderful spa experience for the Dallas, TX community. Between our different options for massage, facials, and other pampering services, we can help you enjoy an experience that rejuvenates, relaxes, and generally improves your quality of life! (more…)

Tips To Feel Refreshed This New Year

Closeup of happy african woman receiving back massage at salon spaPost-operation treatments such as body contouring and other spa therapy treatments are designed to not only assist individuals in healing their bodies but to help them practice the art of self-care. Though our self-care goals may differ, the outcome is the same: to achieve body wellness and feel confident, comfortable, and secure in our own skin. Indeed, the New Year is always an excellent motivator for people to set wellness goals for themselves, and our team is ready to help with a few tips and tricks. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX spa therapists will discuss important things to keep in mind for 2023 and offers advice on ways to be proactive about your health.


Are You Looking Into Body Contouring?

Shot of an unrecognizable woman getting anti cellulite massage at the beauty salon. She have an ultrasound cavitacion treatment to fat reduction.Everyone deserves a chance to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, but sometimes our own perceptions can get in the way of accomplishing these goals. Many people far and wide pursue solutions to help eliminate fat, tighten the skin, and shape areas of the body to accomplish these goals, and others may simply aim to just slow down the aging process. Regardless of the reason, our team is here to help. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX spa therapists discuss important facts to know about body contouring and the major benefits and advantages of informed care.