skincare regimen dallas txAre you ready to shake off the summer? Here in North Texas, the heat during the past few months has really taken its toll on our skin. As things start to cool off, take some time to care for yourself and treat your skin right. Summer skin cell buildup is a real thing, and you want to clear things up before the cold of the winter starts to impact your appearance.

With our team of skincare experts at Touch-N-Skin in Downtown Dallas, you can take steps to repair your skin after the harsh summer. Talk to us about your options in facial treatments, helping you to look your best. It is also important to remember that your skin is more than just your face, too, so ask about ways to care for your shoulders, back, and more. Our team offers you bacials, which are like a facial treatment for your back, helping you to achieve softer and clearer skin. Care for your comprehensive skin health with an appointment with our team!

Experience Softer Skin For The Start Of The Fall

When it comes to caring for your skin, consistency is a key part in keeping yourself looking beautiful and feeling great. Here in North Texas, the weather can make that a truly difficult task. As the harsh summer finally starts to fade away, you can start to lose your rhythm in your skincare regimen. The same products that might have worked wonders in June may simply not be suited for this time of the year.

This is why it is so helpful to meet with your skincare experts during any significant change in the weather. Here at Touch-N-Skin, we are here to help to make it through the fall and into the colder months of winter. Take some time to talk about your options at your next visit!

Find Treatment For Your Entire Body, Not Just Your Face

For most people, when they think about skincare, they focus on their facial health. While this is definitely understandable, you need to remember to treat your whole body. Comprehensive skincare treatment can help you to have softer legs and a clearer chest. Talk to our team about ways to improve your skin and care for your whole body.

One great option that you have is known as a bacial. This is similar to facial skincare treatment, but dedicated to helping you rejuvenate your back. Feel great as you wear that cute slingback dress with beautiful back skin!

Learn More With Touch-N-Skin In Downtown Dallas

Are you working to repair your skin after the harsh heat of the Texas summer? Schedule your next appointment with our team to find a course of treatment that works for you. To learn more, give us a call at Touch-N-Skin: Wellness Spa in Dallas, TX at (972)992-7422.