Skincare Smile Dallas TXIf you are like us, this summer has started to take its toll, and unfortunately, the heat shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. During this period of the year, you need to take extra precautions when caring for your skin, for both your face and the rest of your body. Even when you are making sure to use enough sunscreen and lotion to keep yourself safe from harmful UV rays, you can still experience buildup and blocked pores!

When you need a calming experience to help you through the August heat, talk to our team of knowledgeable skincare experts at Touch-N-Skin in downtown Dallas, TX. We can help you to understand all of your options in fighting the harm of the powerful summer sun, including refreshing peels for both your back and face. If you are seeing new signs of acne, it might be a sign that your pores are blocked, so make the effort in keeping yourself looking gorgeous and feeling fresh until the cooler months arrive!

The Summer Can Impact Both Your Appearance And Your Experience

When the triple digit days start coming here in North Texas, they just do not seem to stop, do they? As the summer wears on, the heat and UV rays can do serious damage to your skin, so make sure that you are taking the necessary steps in keeping yourself both safe and beautiful while we wait for autumn. This of course includes using plenty of high-quality sunscreen!

But even with a dedication to treating yourself right, you still might need a little help in looking your best during the Texas summer. If you have started to notice acne, it might be a sign that your pores are blocked. This can happen due to sunscreen and sweat, and our team can help you to improve the quality of your skin.

Peel? Dermaplaning? Learn About Your Options In Treating Your Summer Skin

Taking time to care for your skin can be a struggle, and during summer, you might just not feel like you have the time to manage the extra worry. When you need some help in your skincare, talk to our team of dedicated aestheticians and beauty professionals about your options. At our downtown Dallas location, we offer facials and peels to help you look and feel your best, as well as dermaplaning to remove that buildup of excess skin cells.

Find A Summer Skincare Solution With Touch-N-Skin In Dallas, TX

If you are tired of fighting with your skin during the hot Texas summer, take some time for a relaxing experience with our team. To learn more about peels and dermaplaning, give us a call at Touch-N-Skin: Wellness Spa in Dallas, TX at (972)992-7422.