Spa Shot TNS DallasIf your child is headed back to the classroom for the fall semester, take some time for yourself with a relaxing massage or facial. The summer can be stressful on parents, so reward yourself with a visit with our team to help you look and feel your best. With our full range of products and services designed to keep your skin tight and hydrated, and your muscles relaxed, you can have the renewal that you need to handle those long pickup lines at your kid’s school.

At Touch-N-Skin in Downtown Dallas, we are here to give you an experience to help you feel better and look your best. From enjoyable couples massages to cupping therapy, we can work those muscles out so that you feel looser and free. Talk to our team about lymphatic massages too, to help your body and immune system to be more effective in healing. If the summer heat and sun has taken its toll on your skin, ask about all of your options in facials and other skincare solutions. It’s hot in Texas, and it seems like this summer will just not stop!

When The Kids Go Back, It Can Be Your Opportunity To Care For Yourself

If you are like us, you have spent the summer trying to entertain your children and make sure that they stay safe while having fun during their break. Unfortunately, that means that their summer vacation can actually be a bigger stress on your life, so when they need to head back to the classroom, take some time to treat yourself nicely. All the strain of carrying around those bags from place to place can leave you feeling tense, so if you want to soothe those achy muscles, schedule a massage to help you feel better.

The Summer Heat Could Be Causing You To Age Quicker, So Care For Your Skin

When it gets to be this hot, skincare can be a struggle. If you have been dealing with the problems of the heat and you can see it on your face, talk to us about your options in skincare treatment. There may be a buildup of excess skin cells and if so, a peel might be the solution for you. Talk to our team about all of our options in helping you to stay beautiful even in this sweltering heat.

The Start Of A New School Year Can Give You The Time You Need

If your children are heading back to the classroom for the fall, talk to our team about your options in skincare treatment. For more information, give us a call at Touch-N-Skin: Wellness Spa in Dallas, TX at (972)992-7422!