Closeup of happy african woman receiving back massage at salon spaPost-operation treatments such as body contouring and other spa therapy treatments are designed to not only assist individuals in healing their bodies but to help them practice the art of self-care. Though our self-care goals may differ, the outcome is the same: to achieve body wellness and feel confident, comfortable, and secure in our own skin. Indeed, the New Year is always an excellent motivator for people to set wellness goals for themselves, and our team is ready to help with a few tips and tricks. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX spa therapists will discuss important things to keep in mind for 2023 and offers advice on ways to be proactive about your health.

Set Goals for the Year

It goes without saying that the month of January is when most people begin their New Year’s resolutions. Whether you set yours officially every January first or keep them in mind more as goals you would like to accomplish, it is healthy to define important areas of your life for growth.

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions individuals make is to either lose weight or build muscle in the coming year. For some, this may include operative treatment to remove excess skin, scheduling post-op treatments to ensure a healthy recovery, or even simply self-care practices such as addressing sore muscles or treating loose skin with cavitation.

Keep in mind, however, that sometimes getting started is not the difficult task, but rather keeping up with your goals. To learn more about this process and how our team offers treatment to help, give our office a call today.

Make a Schedule

In order to keep up with your goals, you will want to make sure that they are first trackable. How do you determine if you have met a body wellness goal? What are your definitions of success? These questions and more should be answerable if you are looking to make a change.

To help you keep track of your goals and progress, our team suggests creating a schedule that you can revisit often. For example, if you have a goal to make time for yourself once a month, perhaps scheduling a monthly massage appointment is a good solution. Contact our team today to learn about your options.

Body Wellness is a State of Mind

A key element to keep in mind when you are pursuing a healthier future is that body wellness is more than actionable tasks: it is a state of mind. Indeed, an individual who is healthy overall is healthy physically and mentally/emotionally. In other words, it is very important that you do not neglect your needs and practice self-care regularly.

As we mentioned previously, we recognize that different people will contain different needs and different goals they seek to achieve. What everyone shares, however, is the motivation for change and a desire to work on themselves. The team at TNS wants to help you achieve these wellness goals, and we aspire to not only get to know your unique needs but help you learn best practices for body wellness and care. Give our team a call today to get started.

Get a Regular Massage

The average person’s day-to-day life is filled with several points of stress, and your body holds onto this tension in a few different ways. For instance, sitting at a desk for several hours without the proper back support and necessary breaks will inevitably lead to muscle soreness and tension.

Eventually, this issue will continue to worsen until it incapacitates you and prevents you from being able to perform daily tasks normally. What you can do, however, is mitigate this issue by anticipating the needs of your body. A quarterly deep tissue massage may be just what you need to feel like yourself again, and we are more than happy to help you schedule yours.

Different Seasons Affect Skin Differently

Another way you can stay refreshed and rejuvenated this year is by taking care of your skin. Believe it or not, different weather conditions and seasons can cause your skin irritation, dryness, and more. By prioritizing exfoliation and treating the skin on your body and face with a routine facial, our team can help remove dead skin particles and other blockages that prevent your skin from breathing properly. Give our team a call to learn more about your options.

Other Ways Our Team Can Help

At Touch-N-Skin, we believe that everyone deserves to not only look their best but truly feel their best as well. Our passion for body wellness and positivity is rooted in this idea, and we offer a host of different spa services to help you bridge the gap.

Schedule Your Visit Today

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