Month: September 2022

Proper Care For Drains And Tubes

The young male doctor in sport and dieting concept

Looking and feeling your best means so much more than meeting a specific standard or healing as fast as possible. As a matter of fact, how we feel depends largely on how we treat our bodies. It is what we put our bodies through that contributes significantly to how we feel, and failing to let… Read more »

Setting Realistic Body Goals: What To Expect From Treatment

Female patient doing physical exercises with physiotherapist. Male therapist treating injured knee of young athlete.Post traumatic rehabilitation, sport physical therapy, recovery concept.

Although our bodies may be amazing machines that can self-heal, protect, and do so much more, sometimes they can use a bit of help in the process. Indeed, spa therapy practices such as wood therapy, massages, facials, cavitation, and more help us feel comfortable in our own skin, stretch and exercise areas that need it,… Read more »