Month: August 2022

Major Benefits Of Wood Therapy

Maderotherapy anti cellulite massage treatment with wooden vacuum cup

Spa therapy is about much more than receiving a much-needed massage or facial: it’s about looking and feeling your best by seeking specialized care. Indeed, our bodies hold onto stress like nobody’s business, and unfortunately, it can significantly impact how we feel, both psychologically and physically. As a matter of fact, stress can cause your… Read more »

Scar Therapy: Keloids And How To Treat Them

Hands-on the keloid scar area of an Asian dark-skinned man.

Scars, while not necessarily desirable, are a natural expression of the human body’s healing process. As a matter of fact, it is kind of incredible how our bodies are self-healing machines. While severe damage may require a bit more extensive treatment, many surface-level cuts, burns, and even scrapes can heal back to normal if properly… Read more »