Comparison before and after Obesity Cellulite And Fat Removal liFor most people, the phrase “looking and feeling your best” often translates into self-care practices. Indeed, it is important for everyone to practice routine self-care and self-love, and this can take a variety of forms. Whether you are looking to receive a manicure or pedicure, attend a full-body massage, or anything else in-between, our team at TNS has got you covered. What’s more? We believe this concept extends past traditional images of self-care, and feeling confident in your own skin is a goal we wish to help you achieve. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX spa therapists explore Brachioplasty do’s and don’ts, as well as provides information about your post-op treatment options.

What is Brachioplasty?

Have you ever been invited to a lake party or pool party by a group of friends, just for you to turn down the offer because you are self-conscious about the way you may appear to others in a bathing suit? While a number of people might not be able to relate to this type of situation, plenty of others do. As a matter of fact, an image of a person with flabby arms and excess fat or skin satisfies an appearance that society has deemed as unattractive. So naturally, we are made to feel uncomfortable, undesirable, and unappealing when we, too, experience such characteristics.

The previous example is one we want to help you avoid and/or overcome. You see, society’s toxic standards have made a nest in our subconscious that continues to feed our insecurities, and we are here to help provide the tools that can help you break this cycle. Fortunately, Brachioplasty can help.

You see, Brachioplasty is the process of reshaping and contouring the upper arms and connecting tissues of the chest wall. It is often pursued when a person experiences significant weight loss but can be used to address saggy skin. For more information about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Understanding the Treatment

Because Brachioplasty can refer to a few different treatments, it is important to know which one you are pursuing in order to obtain ideal after-care instructions. For example, liposuction of the arms is the least invasive manner to contour upper arm fat, whereas extended Brachioplasty requires a larger incision.

Once your physician and surgeon have created an appropriate Brachioplasty plan with you, it is important to ask them about after-care instructions. This is where our team comes in to help. Contact our office to learn more today.

After-Care Instructions

Undergoing treatment is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are a number of factors you must consider for aftercare. You see, post-operation treatment is designed to assist in the healing process by utilizing spa therapy practices that promote a healthy recovery.

After Brachioplasty surgery, it is important to follow your physician’s instructions exactly. Most surgeries take approximately 1-2 weeks to heal, and you may require a compression garment. What’s more? It’s normal for your arm and hand to feel weak at first. Get plenty of rest, and make sure you consult with your physician first before pursuing post-op treatment. Give our team a call to schedule your first visit today.

Things to Avoid

In terms of Brachioplasty don’ts, avoiding fluids is going to prolong recovery time. Indeed, staying hydrated and keeping systems functioning appropriately is important when it comes to healing. You will also want to avoid exercising the area during your recovery time, as this can lead to functional complications and other issues with recovery. Finally, always consult your doctor or physician prior to treatment in order to gain a thorough understanding of your resources and recovery options.

Other Important Information

While body contouring and Brachioplasty may not be the treatment option for everyone, it is important to gain a professional opinion before pursuing care. What’s more? Post-op treatment, when utilized in the right manner, can significantly improve your recovery, but it is important to first meet with your physician.

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