Multiracial girlfriends having spa day at home, drinking champagne, making pedicure, sharing secretsThe hustle and bustle of everyday life can lead to significant stressors. Not only can these stressors weigh on you in terms of additional responsibilities, but you can actually hold the tension in specific areas of the body. This can lead to anything from cramping up to swelling and everything in-between. While you may feel the need to wait for some “me” time until accomplishing a set of tasks, keep in mind that self-care is not a reward, it is essential to body wellness. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX spa therapists discuss some new services our team offers to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

You Deserve Some TLC

Spa therapy is a complex area of study, as it can cover anything from massage to body contouring, wood therapy to facial and skincare, and so on and so forth. While you may have been led to believe that you are only able to take a “me” day if you have accomplished x-number of tasks, we are here to tell you that body wellness is much more than a reward, but a necessary part of your spiritual well-being.

Indeed, taking some time for you is essential. What’s more? There have been studies shown to indicate that self-care and therapy can help alleviate heightened stress, anxiety, and frustrations. All-in-all, we agree that you not only need, but deserve, a little TLC.

Self-care can take a host of forms. For some, it may be that of a massage. For others, nothing says “me time” like a nice relaxing facial. Recently, TNS added manicure and pedicure services to our services menu, and we encourage you to schedule yours today. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Treatments We Offer

Body wellness and spiritual well-being does not have a gender, and neither do our services. Men and women alike can benefit from some detailed care to their hands and feet, and we even offer a few add-on services that may bring your experience to the next level.

Our manicure services cut, file, and shape your nails to satisfaction and tidies cuticles. Further, we can provide a clear coat or color coat of polish to bring some shine to your nails. After this, we will complete the visit with a 10-minute reflexology session.

If you are looking for some revitalizing foot care, then we have got you covered. Our pedicure consists of a 60-minute treatment that includes foot soaking and scrubbing, nail clipping and shaping, a 10-minute reflexology of the foot and calf area, moisturizer, and polish. For more information about these services, give our team a call today.

Additional Options

In addition to the options listed above, we offer a Mani & Pedi Combo to really give you the works and practice the art of self-care. What’s more? You can bring your experience to the next level with our other add-on items. For example, upgrade your polish to gel polish and you can experience a more durable coat with a bright shine. In fact, gel polish is an excellent option for individuals looking to preserve their look for a period of time without the worry of chipping or cracking.

Our team also offers paraffin wax treatment, which involves dipping the hands and/or feet in a warm, revitalizing wax that helps to moisturize and soften the skin. Contact our office for more information about this process today.

Get the Full Spa Package

While we are more than happy to help you tend to specific ailments and target practices, we also encourage taking time for a full-body experience. Our team offers packages to meet your needs so that you can take care of everything from head to toe!

Schedule Your Appointment Today

To learn more about our new manicure and pedicure services, or to schedule your next appointment with our team, contact Touch-N-Skin: Wellness Spa in Dallas, TX by calling 972-992-7422 today.