TNSIt goes without saying that taking care of your body and overall wellness is much more complex than receiving a massage. As a matter of fact, our bodies are incredible things that endure so much over the years and, unfortunately, this process can easily wear on you and take a toll. Fortunately, there are important procedures out there that can address specific concerns directly, but also require additional post-op treatment to promote appropriate healing. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX spa therapists discuss the purposes and function of post-op treatment, and explores the various packages that we offer to help!

What Is Post-Op Care?

A person can seek surgical assistance for a variety of health-related and non-health-related matters, and there is no shame in doing what you need to do to feel as comfortable and confident as possible in your own skin. The issue that arises, however, is that additional treatment is usually needed following an operation, and many do not know where to go or what they need to promote proper healing. Fortunately, this is where our team comes in to help.

Post-operation treatment consists of varying treatments for individuals who have undergone surgery, and these treatments aim to encourage the best results possible when it comes to healing. For example, post-op treatments utilize gentle techniques to focus on increasing your circulation while promoting recovery.

Our team places a specific emphasis on treating you and your needs rather than making the treatment fit to you. In other words, we get to know exactly what you need and how we can promote the best results. Further, we offer a host of packages that are specifically designed to aid in the recovery process. To learn more about these options and how we can help, give us a call today.

Treating Troubling Scars and Boosting Collagen

We all know that scarring can occur as a result of various things. From losing weight to giving birth and virtually every other phenomenon in-between, scars can form throughout your body. In particular, stretch marks and scars tend to occur around the abdomen and stomach area. It may also occur on the arms, things, buttocks, and several other areas.

To treat troubling scars, you may want to seek the help of CIT skincare. This process involves rejuvenating your skin through the process of boosting collagen production. You see, collagen is what gives your skin that elastic feel to it, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Give our team a call to learn more.

Utilizing Cavitation Skin Tightening

Another post-op favorite, cavitation is a process that is often used following a tummy-tuck or other procedure of the like. Cavitation, or skin tightening, consists of hands-on treatment to tighten specified areas of the body.

Can You Benefit From Body Contouring?

When you have undergone significant weight loss, has a reduction of sorts, or other similar experience, your doctor may recommend the post-op service of body contouring. This is a full-body experience, and consists of a combination of wood therapy/cupping, cavitation/skin tightening, and vibration to stimulate and tone the affected areas.

With our post-op body contouring package, you receive 90 minutes of hands-on treatment designed with your needs in mind. It also combines a variety of techniques to provide the ultimate experience. We offer package deals for 3 sessions and 5 sessions, and more information can be found on our packages page here.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

Following a surgical procedure, the affected area of the body often experiences swelling and inflammation due to the invasive nature of the procedure itself. As this occurs, the lymph nodes become enlarged with excess fluid.

In terms of post-op treatment, a lymphatic drainage massage carefully moves this excess liquid away from the lymph nodes and promotes proper healing. Benefits of this treatment include relief from discomfort and even pain. Give our team a call today to learn more.

Understanding Wood Therapy

Finally, we offer post-op deals for wood therapy. These processes utilize wooden tools in order to help increase blood flow and circulation. What’s more? This process helps relax trigger points to ease tension, reduce cellulite, and promote healing.

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