Month: June 2022

Feeling Your Best With A Manicure and Pedicure

Multiracial girlfriends having spa day at home, drinking champagne, making pedicure, sharing secrets

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can lead to significant stressors. Not only can these stressors weigh on you in terms of additional responsibilities, but you can actually hold the tension in specific areas of the body. This can lead to anything from cramping up to swelling and everything in-between. While you may feel… Read more »

Touch-N-Skin Welcomes You To TNS Academy!

Massage therapy group training class

Body wellness and body positivity are components of our mission that we strive to uphold. They are also key points that we want to share with others, as everyone deserves to look and feel comfortable in their own skin. Indeed, we offer a host of post-op packages that can be tailored to your needs so… Read more »

Let’s Look At Your Post-Op Package Options


It goes without saying that taking care of your body and overall wellness is much more complex than receiving a massage. As a matter of fact, our bodies are incredible things that endure so much over the years and, unfortunately, this process can easily wear on you and take a toll. Fortunately, there are important… Read more »