Slim and fit figure after the longitudinal caesarean section. ScOur bodies are incredible. Not only can they do incredible things such as create life, but feeling comfortable in your own skin can be an empowering phenomenon. Indeed, it is incredibly important we do what we can to properly care for our bodies, and many times spa treatments such as massage therapy and body contouring can offer significant physical and psychological health benefits. In today’s blog, your Houston, TX spa therapist discusses the reality of recovering from a surgery, and how you can ensure a smooth process by following a few important post-operation practices.

Listen to Your Provider

It goes without saying that people receive surgery for a variety of reasons. Whether you are in need of a necessary transplant, undergo a tummy tuck, give birth, or a host of other potential experiences, your body will undergo stressful changes. As a result, it will need to take time to heal properly. This also means that you must be cautious to ensure healing occurs as smoothly as possible, as well as recognize that healing takes time.

Your recovery period will largely depend on the operation you underwent, and there is no way to determine the precise process, as each person is different. Indeed, the rate at which you become fully healed following an operation depends on several factors, including your age, health prior to treatment, the extent of your injuries, and how much proper rest you receive during the healing period.

While you may read various conflicting pieces of advice on the internet in an effort to prepare for your treatment, it is important to understand that your provider’s advice is the most important information to take in. Indeed, nobody understands your situation and operation more than your doctor, and as such, it is best to follow instructions regarding medication, activity, and other components of recovery that your doctor provides.

Rest and Activity: A Balancing Act

One factor that plays a major role in your rate of recovery is going to include the amount of rest you receive. Your tissues need time to heal, and as they are working to do so, the last thing you want to do is disrupt or disturb the process. Indeed, you will need to rest frequently immediately following your operation to ensure a smooth healing process.

While rest is your top priority, you do not want to cease movement completely either. Doing so can actually be harmful for your muscles, while too much activity can cause tearing and damage. Of course, we are not saying you should exercise as normal, but that you should first consult with your doctor to learn how you can keep your body healthy while it heals. For more information about this process, give our team a call today.

Your Diet’s Role

While you should be actively aiming to maintain a well-rounded diet regularly, your diet following an operation may waver slightly. Oftentimes patients are encouraged to consume light and simple meals immediately following treatment, and it is best to stay away from overly processed foods and sweets.

Another important factor to keep in your mind during the post-op recovery period is your water consumption. As you are aware, water is integral to a person’s health, and this factor is even more true following an operation or surgery. It is important to drink plenty of water during the recovery period so that you can keep your body hydrated and energized as the cells continue to heal. Contact our office today to learn more about this process.

In-Office Treatment Options

Finally, a major benefit following surgery involves post-operation treatment. This involves any care provided by a spa therapist aimed at promoting recovery and increasing circulation. You see, your cells are actively working together to mend an incision, and these cells follow a system to transport nutrients and necessary materials to the operation site. In order to promote efficient healing, our team can provide a number of treatment options that help increase your blood circulation and flow.

One such example includes a lymphatic drainage massage. Following surgery, the lymph nodes become swollen with fluids, and without proper care, the area surrounding the operation site can become uncomfortable and even painful. To help ease the pain, our massage therapists will utilize appropriate pressure to help move the fluid from the lymph nodes to elsewhere in surrounding tissues. Not only does this process help drain excess fluid, but it also allows your body to heal faster by clearing the path toward the operation site.

In addition to a lymphatic drainage massage, a cupping treatment can be used to displace lymphatic fluids as well as fats present at particular areas. Utilizing a silicone cupping system, our team can carefully displace fat and fluids to encourage increased blood flow and thus a speedier recovery.

Learn More Today

Sometimes surgeries are a necessary part of your life, and it is important to take the steps necessary to ensure proper healing along the way. Contact Touch-N-Skin: Wellness Spa in Houston, TX by calling 972-992-7422 to learn about the major benefits of post-operation treatment, and schedule your next visit with our team today.