Month: February 2022

What To Know About Post-Op Care

Slim and fit figure after the longitudinal caesarean section. Sc

Our bodies are incredible. Not only can they do incredible things such as create life, but feeling comfortable in your own skin can be an empowering phenomenon. Indeed, it is incredibly important we do what we can to properly care for our bodies, and many times spa treatments such as massage therapy and body contouring… Read more »

Learn About Massage Therapy Through Classes

Students practice effleurage rubbing techniques in the classroom, hands of a pupil are seen on the back of a volunteer during exam preparation

It goes without saying that most people can benefit from a trip to the spa. Indeed, from the consistent hustle and bustle of everyday life to the ever-growing list of stressors, a relaxing trip to our spa can have you feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized in no time. Everyone must take strides to care for… Read more »