Postnatal Bandage. Medical Compression underwear. Orthopedic banIt goes without saying that our bodies are capable of doing so much. Indeed, they are versatile and self-healing, and as such, we should treat them with respect and care. This means looking into necessary post-op routines and practices so that we can provide our bodies with the necessary resources to heal and mend themselves. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX spa therapists take a look at compression garments and discuss their use, benefits, and additional information to know about them.

Post-Op Use

Whether you are seeking surgery to address a specific ailment or address excess skin from losing weight, post-op treatment is necessary for effective and efficient recovery. Though there are a number of practices you can pursue – including cavitation, cupping, wood therapy, and more – one of the important factors you do not want to overlook include compression garments.

Compression garments are an integral part of the healing process for a number of reasons, and they are often characterized by tight-fitting pieces of clothing that can help reduce swelling and pain immediately following surgery. To understand their function, you must first recognize the differences between different items and their intended purposes.

Fajas are a form-fitting foundation garment also known as a girdle. It encircles the lower torso and is often used to shape and support the belly/waist area. This compression garment is excellent following surgery or treatment targeted at the same area. Additionally, a compression binder is an abdominal belt that can hold surgical drainage tubes in place or help with lumbar support. For more information about these garments and how they can be used, contact our team today.

Understanding Proper Function

Without proper application or guidance, compression garments can be used incorrectly. This ends up causing more trouble and damage than is necessary, and may even lead to difficulty breathing and cutting off circulation.

Following surgery, the first garment you wear may feel inhibiting, but it is imperative to stick with the treatment in order to ensure proper healing. To begin, your garment may be of the thicker variety, but as you heal, you may be able to transition to thinner options that are less restrictive, depending on your treatment. Give our team a call today to learn more about this process.

How Long Should I Wear One?

Though the length of use will depend largely on your unique needs and the type of treatment you have received, it is important to communicate with your doctor or surgeon to ensure you are following proper healing recommendations or guidelines in terms of compression garment use. Additionally, our team can provide other post-op treatments to aid in the process if your doctor recommends.

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