Month: October 2021

How Can You Reduce The Pain Of Working Out?

Close-up of masseur's hands massaging a client's back

Staying active and fit is an important part of practicing a healthy lifestyle, and there are various ways to engage in effective physical activity. Shortly after working out, however, you may begin to feel tense, sore, and even experience muscle cramps. While this is a natural process as your muscles heal and build up their… Read more »

Understanding Benefits Of A Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage of the hips.

Taking care of your body consists of individualized care and an understanding of what your needs are. Indeed, everyone is impacted by the stresses of life in different ways, both physically and mentally, and self-care is oh-so-important for a healthy you. Treatment such as microneedling and others can help collagen production and lead to a… Read more »