TNSJust as time is a constant, so are its effects. This same concept can be applied to the way age and time take a toll on our bodies, in addition to other strains and circumstances that impact them. Indeed, maintaining your ideal physique can be more complex than people let on, however, weight loss surgeries exist to help, and cosmetic treatments can have you feeling comfortable in your skin again before you know it. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX spa therapists explain what to expect from cosmetic surgery after recovering from weight loss surgery.

Understanding Your Timeline

In an ideal world, treatment would be more accessible and recovery time would not be a thing. The unfortunate truth of the matter is, however, that treatment and proper recovery go hand-in-hand, and in fact, proper post-op care is essential to your cosmetic and health-related outcome.

Indeed, overnight results may seem ideal, but it is crucial to take the necessary time needed to heal. What’s more? Each person’s circumstance and situation are unique, and recovery does not follow a consistent time clock. This means that even though professionals can give a time frame, the exact length of recovery cannot be determined confidently.

Following most weight loss procedures, doctors say the average time frame before you have made a full recovery averages about five weeks, and every bit of that time matters. Just because that is when you might be considered ready for routine activities again, however, does not mean that it is the ideal time to consider cosmetic alteration. To learn more about the importance of healthy recovery after weight loss surgery, reach out to our team today.

What to Expect

Depending on your treatment, your doctor may opt for smaller incisions, which lead to shorter recovery times, or larger ones in which recovery will take much longer. You may also endure a number of side effects during your heal time, including constipation, gallstones, wound infections, and dumping syndrome. To avoid these concerns, make sure to follow your doctor’s orders closely.

When considering cosmetic treatment such as body contouring after your weight-loss surgery, it is recommended to wait until you are close to your goal weight. According to professionals, this is roughly 12 to 18 months after the fact. Reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Don’t Stress It

You have a hand in how successful your treatment is, as proper post-op care and quality treatment can go a long way. While your goals may take some time to achieve, it is important to remember that it is a process, and your end result is what matters.

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