At the end of your spa treatment, you can feel a deep sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. Unfortunately, work and other daily demands can wait patiently for us all at the end of a visit! Touch-N-Skin is a Dallas-based spa where you can enjoy a wide range of beneficial services. If you are looking for a way to continue supporting yourself and enjoying wonderful treatments, we can offer you a spa subscription package. With your package, you can pre-arrange access to a number of services that can help you relax, restore your skin and sense of well-being, and offset effects of aging. In addition to your set treatments, you can enjoy discounts on additional services when you see us!

Support Yourself With Ongoing Services

While one trip to the spa can be refreshing, ongoing appointments help you sustain the sense of well-being that comes from refreshing treatments. Our subscription offers help visitors line up the different forms of care that support their appearance and well-being. You can make a choice for the number of services you want to arrange per month. The different packages we provide also provide set discounts for any additional appointments you set.

Reviewing Your Options For Subscriptions

There are many different spa services that help our visitors feel amazing at the end of a visit. Depending on your needs and interests, you can select a subscription package that fits your life. Our Tranquility package gives you access to four services a month, with additional basic services set at 25% off. With the Nirvana package, you can receive two treatments per month and enjoy 15% off of additional basic treatments. The Serene package gives you a treatment a month, and lets you take 10% off any added basic services that you book.

We Also Offer Beneficial Treatment Packages

In addition to arranging special subscription programs, we can help you tend to your needs by purchasing service packages that cover multiple treatments. Multiple services like micro-needling, lymphatic drainage massages, body contouring, and more can be arranged in advance to help you fully care for yourself.

Enjoy The Support Of Your Spa Subscription At Touch-N-Skin!

Touch-N-Skin provides an ample array of services to help you refresh your mind and body, rejuvenate your skin, and free yourself from stressors. While one visit can do so much good, continued support can help you sustain the positive feelings you take home with you when you leave! Our subscription services and treatment packages make it easier for you to line up beneficial care. In addition to making long-term plans for support easier to set up, these offers also provide discounts you can enjoy! To find out more about how we can take care of you, please contact Touch-N-Skin in Dallas, TX today at (972) 992-7422!